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Support Zone for KS3 Science and Advanced Level Physics

We have two support zones for students of science



Advanced level Physics

Interactive Science (KS3)

Useful Resources for Interactive KS3 Science

BBC KS3 Bitesize

Woodlands School :

Science Games :

Science Starters :

Free KS3 Science resources …

KS3 Biology and Chemistry SoW + Revision

KS3 Gifted and Talented Projects

Levelness Posters

KS3 to KS4 Transition  SoW

KS3 Physics Questions :

Revision Guides and Worksheets for KS3 Physics

Download Physics Handbook (V2)

The latest version (V2) of A-Level Physics Handbook is now available…..


Download from:

Handbook V2 (doc)  format             Handbook V2 (pdf)

Standard Form (3)

Standard Form (2)

Standard Form

Charge and Current (2)

Charge and Current