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Additional Applied: Chemistry and Sports

Mr. Windeatt has found a very useful website for Sports Science. 


Lesson plans + resources for integrating into your existing lessons

Curriculum Leaders’ Meeting (Documents)

Here are the documents relating to the recent Curriculum Leaders’ Meeting

 Minutes of Meeting:  cl-minutes-181907.doc

Cross-Curriculum Approaches to Reading:


Intervention Strategies that Work:


Performance Management Review

The Performance Management Review documents for next Tuesday’s meeting are located on our Essential Downloads section at


Copyright-free Images for Sports Science

I have started to upload images for Sports Science.


Please feel free to use these images in your classroom resources…


Dr.Wabo’s Schemes of Work (Yr 11)

1. Applied (Forensics) : Analysing Evidence from a Crime Scene


2. Additional: How can we use ions in a solution


Both resources have also been uploaded to the www.webucate.org website

Liz’s Schemes of Work (Yr 11)

Here are Liz’s Schemes of Work for Additional and Additional Applied

Additional Applied : Exercise and the Body exerandbody.zip

Additional : Radioactivity: radioactivity.zip

These resources have also been uploaded to the

www.webucate.org KS4 (Year 11) Zones at


Gifted and Talented Projects (Yrs 10/11)

Here is the full set of G and T Projects for all the courses in Year 10 and Year 11. giftedscience.zip

Awards/Prizes will be provided for all the identified students who complete these assignments.

The bonus for us is that we can use the presentations as part of the teaching resources….and even ask the students to present their findings to the science classes.